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StarterCorev4.css is inspired from Starter.master.

This CSS file give you detailed explanation on the different class files on corev4.css. StarterCorev4.css will make you understand the purpose of each class files when you do ctrl + click on your master page css class.


StarterCorev4.css is an intiative to help people looking out for css class explanations which is created in the Corev4.css. Once you have uploaded the StarterCorev4.css and added the required references into the master page, you will be able to click on the class files on the master page. This will lead you to the class file defined in StarterCorev4.css, which has a detailed explanation on the purpose of the class file.

Please find the detailed documentation on allaboutmoss -

Regular updates are made to this file, so that the explanation on the class file gets better and more clear.

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